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Solar energy
for your home

Solar panels have long gained popularity around the world being famous for their economy, bypassing the usage of electrical energy.

“Täze energiýa”
is the first and only

company in Turkmenistan that has a license to manufacture and install solar panels on its territory.

The company was founded in 2015 by enthusiasts who care about the convenience and accessibility of one of the most common alternative energy sources – solar and wind.


We are the only official representative, importer, and installer of solar panels and equipment from Victron energy in Turkmenistan.

Street lights

Water pumping facilities

Solar panels on the rooftops

Wind power plants

About the product

Solar panels are products that store electricity generated from the sun rays.

The panels that we use from ECOPROGETTI are divided into two types:

Half cut cells & Soldering

The stringer machines have already been upgraded to work with cut cells. Half-cut cell modules have lower power losses in the CTM, the panel has higher efficiency and the two-panel design, effectively dividing the module in two, provides improved performance in shaded environments.

Multi bus bar

The 9BB-12BB stringer machine from ECOPROGETTI maintains the soldered joint reliability, but leaves shorter and narrower mesh spacing. The elimination of the need for ribbon during production reduces the consumption of silver, which leads to an increase in the output power of the module and to the decrease in production costs.

The Exploitation

The panels comply with all European standards and are very easy to use. New technologies allow the panel to be used outdoors, as it is covered with an anti-reflective material that gives a bright color and insulates from external factors.

Our Works

5kw Wind & 5kw Solar in Awaza Turkmenbashy

5kw Solar Dasoguz, Esenaman Village Garagum Desert

3kw Solar Ahal, Yel Village Garagum Desert

4kw Solar Ahal, Bas Kak Village Garagum Desert

Solar Pump Projects In The Yel And Bas Kak

Solar Pump Project Kelleli Village Ahal Desert

Gsm Operator Project Gujurly Village Ahal Desert

Gsm Opreator Projects Gyzylsakal And Churchuri Ahal Desert


By installing solar panels, “Täze energiýa”, for the convenience of customers, develops keeping up with the times.

Taking into account the possibilities of manufacturing solar panels having the necessary equipment in our country, we, together with the glass plant of Turkmenistan, are planning to launch the production of "Glass-glass panel", which will be used in the greenhouse industry.

Our team

"Täze energiýa" will help You to get competent advice from engineers of our company. The main condition for the quality and efficient work of our company is our team. These are the qualified professionals who skillfully solve the most non-standard tasks, perform any work complexity from one panel with a capacity of 250 kW to structures with a capacity of 100 GW.

Why us?

We are a monopoly in the market and official equipment representative for the production of panels of an Italian company "ECOPROGETTI".

• We value our reputation and the trust of our clients
• We have extensive experience in installing solar power plants
• We provide a guarantee for more than 30 years
• Individual approach to each client
• We carry out a full range of construction and installation works


Our company does not miss national and international exhibitions and actively demonstrates its achievements in them.